RVM - Install bundler after any use command

Reading time: 1 min

If you use RVM, it’s possible that you noticed that RVM no longer ships with bundler. It’s quite boring to repeatedly type gem install bundler every time that you installed a new Ruby or created a gemset (even if you just install bundler in a @global gemset).

I was a bit tired on running this every time I installed a new ruby or created a new gemset, and decided to write a RVM hook that reminds be that I don’t have bundler installed, and will do this for me automatically :)

Here’s the bash script:

BUNDLER_IN_GEM_LIST=`gem list | grep '^bundler\s' | wc -l`

if [ $BUNDLER_IN_GEM_LIST -eq "0" ]
    echo "No bundler detected, executing \"gem install bundler\""
    gem install bundler

Just pick this script and save on the ~/.rvm/hooks folder with the after_use_[any name you like] pattern, and make it executable.


cd ~/.rvm/hooks # Go to RVM hook's folder
vim after_use_install_bundler_if_necessary # Copy and paste the script content and save it
chmod +x after_use_install_bundler_if_necessary # Make it executable

After this, every time RVM execute a “use” command (cd to a project folder with .ruby-version/.ruby-gemset files or explicitly running rvm use), it’ll install bundler if that’s not detected.