Rails url_for and strong parameters aren't fast

In this article I’ll describe a Rails performance caveat that I’ve recently faced on a project: Rails strong parameters and its routing are not performant and should be avoided if you are generating many URLs.

Postgres Locks and SKIP LOCKED - Updating Records in Parallel

In this post, I’ll show how I solved the following challenge: avoid database deadlocks while updating Postgres records in parallel using Postgres’ locking clause.

Rails Performance Gems and Tricks

A small collection of gems and tricks I use for measuring and enhancing a Rails app performance. I’ll keep this post updated with new gems and tricks :)

Google Tag Manager Organization Tips

Everybody loves data. Analyzing data allows you to understand what’s going around with your application/business, it being performance (Skylight, NewRelic), user experience (Hotjar) or marketing purposes (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager).

Introducing Pickpocket - Randomly pick an article from your Pocket

I’ve just published a gem called pick-pocket, which helps you empty your Pocket library by selecting a random article from your library.