Managing Assets Outside Frameworks (Introducing Comffee)

Reading time: 1 min

If you want to manage assets outside a framework, check out Comffee: a GulpJS/GruntJS project that allows you to manage your assets using Sass, CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.


The frontend community developed some great tools in the last years. Projects like GruntJS and GulpJS are already used in the daily workflow of many frontend developers around the world, giving these tools a really impressive amount of plugins and functionality.

When I met GruntJS, I was impressed. Grunt automated some very annoying and repetitive tasks, and it could watch any file changes too! If I could not use Rails asset pipeline, I could configure Grunt to do some dirty work done.

After some reading and configuration, I came up with Comffee, a project that allows you to use Sass, CoffeeScript and Bootstrap outside Rails. Basically, Comffee is a project that reunites plugins written for Gulp and Grunt, so you can easily create a folder in your project, run npm install and get ready to rock.

Comffee has two implementations: comffee-grunt and comffee-gulp. For more information about its installation and how it works, check each project description.

Bonus: Sharing localhost with the world

When you are ready to show your project to other people, you could mix Comffee with Fenix. Fenix (only for OSX and Windows) is a project that manages localtunnels for you, making your localhost:port of choice easily visible to the outside world.