Keeping my website (and blog) alive

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In the middle of 2012, I really felt the necessity of having a personal website, where I could write about my dev stuff or publish things that seemed interesting to me. So I created one quick and dirty Wordpress Blog (Yikes!), wrote a few lines of CSS and everything was ready to go.

In January 2013, I was fed up with spam comments and pings, and began the migration to a droplet on Digital Ocean. On Digital Ocean, I wrote my website using Rails, just to test out new learned tools, like Capistrano, God, Upstart and Chef-solo.

When I noticed that Rails was too much for my simple website, and that my fun time testing provisioning tools was ended, I began thinking that I needed a simpler solution (and stopping wasting $5 dollars a month with an abandoned VPS). I needed a static site generator.

I searched and found great tools: Middleman, Jekyll, and recently a friend introduced me to Harp. Since Jekyll is pretty neat, and Github Pages offers a free hosting solution, I’m sticking with it.

Nowadays, Twitter is my main social network. Keep in mind that you won’t be seeing many blog posts here, but I’m always tweeting things that I found useful :)