Chrome Experiments and Web Lab

Reading time: 1 min

Google always seeks new ways to amaze their users. Regardless of the level of expertise of the user, who has not spent some time at some Doodle as PAC-MAN on Google homepage?

As an incentive for ideas, Google has a lab to display experiments developed with HTML5 and JavaScript. Chrome Experiments has a range of over 500 experiments by artists / developers worldwide.

When they reached the mark of 500 experiments, the site launched an experiment that helps categorize the many experiments on the site.

Among the many experiments, are two that caught my attention: Plink (using NodeJS and Web Audio API) and Lights. It is interesting to see that characteristics of musical interaction with the user, arouse a sense of curiosity on the “player”.

Besides the many experiments, Google built with the London Science Museum a fascinating interaction with various samples of museum. Everything that happens on the web, it happens in real time at the Museum of London, and people visiting the museum can see what is happening live web as instruments controlled by users or even a sketch of your face made by robots!