Sharing Front-end

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Do you have a question about Javascript or CSS and want to show a friend or a group. What do you do? Copy and paste your code and lets colleagues read? The amount of people who will really pay attention to your request for help is minimal. If they are patient enough, they would copy and paste another code snippet even less comprehensible. That is the reality for most questions that go a bit beyond the basics.

To solve these problems, there are notable online editing tools front end, with several features including code versioning. Tools like jsFiddle and CodePen help to develop your prototypes, and make a quick preview of your problem.

CodePen has a rich HTML (or HAML, Markdown, Slim) editor, CSS (or SASS, SCSS, LESS) and Javascript (or CoffeScript) that contains the major JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Zepto, MooTools and Prototype), versioning, integration with GitHub, ZenCoding (now Emmet), inclusion of external style sheets and a live viewing of all changes made the editor. The CodePen also has a library of examples in your home that is worth a look. (A notable example is hosted in CodePen the solar system made ​​entirely in CSS3).

The jsFiddle has the same features, minus the live viewing of the code, ie, for every change made ​​is to click your button ‘play’.