Keeping my website (and blog) alive

In the middle of 2012, I really felt the necessity of having a personal website, where I could write about my dev stuff or publish things that seemed interesting to me. So I created one quick and dirty Wordpress Blog (Yikes!), wrote a few lines of CSS and everything was ready to go.

Ruby GUI

Ruby is quite powerful as a programming language, and also is quite a tool to implement Desktop applications.

Chrome Experiments and Web Lab

Google always seeks new ways to amaze their users. Regardless of the level of expertise of the user, who has not spent some time at some Doodle as PAC-MAN on Google homepage?

Sharing Front-end

Do you have a question about Javascript or CSS and want to show a friend or a group. What do you do? Copy and paste your code and lets colleagues read? The amount of people who will really pay attention to your request for help is minimal. If they are patient enough, they would copy and paste another code snippet even less comprehensible. That is the reality for most questions that go a bit beyond the basics.

(pt-BR) O que aconteceu na RubyConf BR 2012

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