Managing Assets Outside Frameworks (Introducing Comffee)

If you want to manage assets outside a framework, check out Comffee: a GulpJS/GruntJS project that allows you to manage your assets using Sass, CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.

Sublime Text - My Personal Choices of Packages

This post is based on the TutsPlus Article: Simple Visual Enhancements for Better Coding in Sublime Text, but in this article I’m going to narrow the subject to Sublime Text Packages.

Gem Collection - Starting a Ruby or Rails Application

Creating a project from scratch always require remembering about which Gems and what usefulness they had on your past projects. If you need to use some library for a specific problem that fits in a category, use Ruby-Toolbox categories.

Editor war - The bloodshed behind productivity

Be happy with the code editor you use in a daily basis, and remember: don’t be close-minded. Try learning new techniques.

How To - Compiling assets locally with Capistrano

Check the gist at the end of the post for the Capistrano task that compile Rails assets locally and upload them to your server.