RVM and Global Gemsets - Never Reinstall Nokogiri Again!

How many times did you wait to Nokogiri or any other gem that has C dependencies to compile when you create a new gemset?

Selenium WebDriver - The Capybara Ugly Duckling Driver

If you use Capybara as your acceptance test framework (Test::Unit, RSpec or Cucumber), you surely know that Capybara has some drivers that give you the capability to run test pages with JS functionality. Some drivers with this ability that you might know are: selenium-webdriver, capybara-webkit and poltergeist.

Puma and Unicorn - Fiddling with both servers

After seeing Heroku announce their change on recommending Puma over Unicorn, I decided to write about my past experiences with both servers, their configuration and maintenance process.

Multi-tenancy with Searchkick

In this post I’m covering how I used searchkick and the apartment gems to get a powerful search feature for all the tenants in my Rails 4 app.

Good practices in writing Spree extensions

This post is about writing extensions for Spree commerce, a “complete open source e-commerce solution for Ruby on Rails”. For those who don’t know what Spree is about, check out their official website or repository.